Our field trials are over!

Our field trials are over!

We are happy to announce we have successfully completed our field trials in project schools. From October 2018 until June 2019,  a total of 101 schools in 5 project trial countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, and Spain took part in the experimental phase of the “Learning to Be” project.

During the course of this school year:

  • Over 7000 students and 1000 teachers took part in our social and emotional learning (SEL) effectiveness study;
  • More than 60 training seminars for teachers and schools managers were organized focusing on developing sustainable SEL practices in schools. More than 1000 teachers and 66 school managers attended these courses.
  • A total of 101 schools (1000 teachers and thousands more of students) took part in our experimental programme, putting the Toolkit into active use when running their classes, assessing the development their social and emotional skills and strengthening school-wide SEL practices;
  • 100 support and monitoring visits to schools were carried out by our project teams in Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy and Spain. These meetings provided valuable information about real school life, success stories and challenges that occurred along the way.
  • 5 National school conferences were organized to support sharing of best practices among schools and help educators develop the necessary competences for SEL in their schools.

We say MANY THANKS to all those who focused in their social and emotional growth and  worked hard to make their schools a better place.

Currently, our project research team has started analyzing the data collected during the PRE and POST effectiveness surveys. We are all eager to find how did the project actions affect the practices, relationships and well-being in schools. We are going to share these research findings by the end of the year.

In the meantime, the project team has gone back to reviewing and improving the Toolkit materials based on the valuable comments received from hundreds of educators around Europe. The reniewed Toolkit resources will be ready  in autumn. They will be freely available for download on this website in English, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian, Latvian and Lithuanian languages.

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Have a great summer!